Northwood Baptist Bible College Welcomes You!

Winter 2017 Classes

Order in the Church

Dr. Allen Barker will be teaching through a book by Dr. Paul Chappell, Order in the Church.

Am I a Good Christian?

Dr. Eric Caudill will be teaching through Am I a Good Christian? by Dr. Jack Treiber

Our Mission

Northwood Baptist Bible College is a local church ministry that is designed to prepare men and women for serving the Lord. Our Philosophy is local church oriented. We believe that the hope of our culture will come from the local church, and the training is designed to help make a difference in lives. The classes are at night to help with time scheduling for those who work. Our staff is dedicated to produce students who love the Lord and His work. The college will provide basic training for preachers, teachers, and missionaries. We invite any serious Bible student to come be a part of our college.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Eric Caudill

College Administrator/Instructor

Dr. Eric Caudill pastors the Open Door Baptist Church in Marion, S.C., and does a great job in his leadership of the college.

Dr. Tony Malay


Dr. Tony Malay has pastored churches for years and currently teaches reguarly. He and his wife are members of Northwood.

Dr. Ottis Hurst


Dr. Ottis Hurst has pastored Baptist churches for many years and currently acts an interm pastor for churches in the area.

Dr. Conard Hatfield


Dr. Conard and Miss Eva Jean Hatfield have many years of experience in the ministry, and are faithful members of Northwood Baptist Church.

Dr. Allen Barker

College President

Dr. Allen Barker is the President of the college as well as the Pastor of Northwood Baptist Church.

Beth Caudill

College Secretary

Mrs. Beth is the college secretary and the wife of Dr. Caudill. She is a great help in the daily administration of the college.